Apple Tablet Concept Video – 1987

Does this 1987 Apple concept video, Knowledge Navigator, give clues to what Apple will be announcing later this month? I believe we will get a voice interactive device in my lifetime, but not sure we will see it this year.

What do you think? Let me know you thoughts. Check back this weekend to see my prediction of what I speculate the Apple Tablet will be, primarily based on what I want it to be.


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BookMooch and Prisons

As you know from a previous posting, I have been using BookMooch to trade used books. This week I received a mooch from “Prison Book Program“.

A quick search directed me to the web site explaining this is a non-profit organization that gives books to prisoners. I had no idea this organization existed. BookMooch seems like a perfect way for this organization to get books.

BookMooch has a charity page that lists the prison program as well as several other charities you can give your points to. I am going to give them a point (worth a book) for the one they spent getting a book from me!

You are probably wondering what book they requested… “199 Great Home Businesses You Can Start (and Succeed In) for Under $1,000.”

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Outlining: What Google Docs is Missing

As a user of a PC at work and a Mac at home, I am always on the lookout for applications that will allow me to get my work done using my Mac when I work at home. Eventually I would like to follow many others and switch to a Macbook Pro as my work laptop. Google Docs is on the right track, however it is missing some basic functionality that will keep most people from migrating away from their Microsoft suite.

I am performing on-line research for a vertical market conference I will be attending . This conference is attended by many organizations made up of many subsidiaries. There are also complex collaborations and joint ventures between the companies. I need to create a document for myself as well as my coworkers to help them to understand the complex relationships before going to the conference. Mind maps would be perfect for this type of information visualization, however I haven’t picked a mind map application yet so I decided to outline the information instead. Using Google Docs would give me cross platform capabilities as well as the ability to share with coworkers.

The only auto-numbering function I could find in Google […]

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Bookmooch: Free Books from the Airport

My wife and kids read at least twice as many books as I do per year, which makes our collective used book generation pretty significant. A few months ago I signed up for the Bookmooch service to give our used books away. I was surprised at how fast books where being mooched (requested) from my list. The first one was within an hour of putting the books into my inventory. This is cool. I can’t bring myself to toss books in the garbage, so they just stack up in my office or in boxes in the garage waiting for the next garage sale where I might get a 25 cents for each one.

Bookmooch certainly sounds like a better way. Give a book away you don’t want, get one you do. There are a ton of posts and videos on how BookMooch works on Technorati (link leads to search results). If you aren’t familiar with Bookmooch this is a good place to get all the details on how to use it.

Now that books had been requested I had to package them up and send them. […]


Skydeck – Analytics for Mobile Conversations

I am glad I made it into the first 500 people invited to use Skydeck, analytics for mobile phone conversations. After reading the basics about it the night before I couldn’t wait to get into the Beta. I am in sales and I use my Blackberry as my primary communication device. I don’t have an office phone, I use my cell phone exclusively. 

I am always looking into new ways to get analytics on my communications with my customers to enhance my effectiveness as a Sales Professional. Relying on my memory and the notes in our not so great CRM solution really isn’t the best way to keep track of the phone communications I have with my customers. Having a program that will combine my address book with my cell phone usage giving me analytics for mobile usage can be a very useful tool for me.

Skydeck is Web application plus a plugin for Firefox, which adds a toolbar. It installed itself error free on my Mac Pro. Next I connect Skydeck to my AT&T wireless account by providing my cell phone number and password. It reported that it was downloading my […]

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