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X-RAID: The Borg of Network Attached Storage

by Marke Clinger

This weekend I did the unimaginable. I purposefully pulled out, one by one, every drive in my Netgear ReadyNAS RAID while it was running. I am pretty familiar with RAID technology because of the work I did in the late ’80s with several pioneering companies working on early RAID and network attached storage (NAS) implementations. Even with this knowledge I was apprehensive about removing anyone of the hard drives in my NAS RAID Array, it was outright frightening to pull all of them out and expect the data not to get lost.

The Netgear ReadyNAS  is a fantastic solution which serves several purposes for me:

1) Network Attached Storage – Connects to the Gigabit network in my house.
2) RAID Array – Disks are […]