I recently wrote an article which described how I picked SugarSync as my primary application for sharing data and cloud storage of my files. In this article, I will cover more about SugarSync and how I implemented the online storage program to not only create a great way to get files on my iPad when I am traveling but to also create a way to sync files between my work computer and home computer. Oh ya, I can also use it to read PDF and many other file formats.

First a little about my computing environment. I have a Dell PC Laptop for work. Two weeks after I received my iPad 3G I chained the PC Laptop to my desk at work and it hasn’t been moved since. At home, I have a Mac Pro which also has Windows XP running on VMware. I have 4 computing platforms and want to get access to my information when I am in front of one of the four.

A Cloud Storage service like SugarSync solves this problem as close to perfect as possible. You get a backup of your files, ability to share files with other people, access to your files online or offline on any of your computers and of course access to your files on the iPad.

First, install the application on all your computers. Once installed, pick the directories/folders you want to sync to the Cloud storage service. You can pick a top-level directory to get everything under it added to the storage or individual folders. Do this for each of your computers. You will notice when you add the second computer to your account that you will see your first computer.

SugarSync Mac Client Initial Screen

SugarSync Mac Client Initial Screen

You can choose to sync only from your computer the cloud storage or to sync the files to your other computers. Syncing just to the cloud storage will make them available on the iPad. However, syncing between computers will make the files available on all your computers even if they are offline for some reason. That is, it copies the files to your computers that you setup sync. Change a file on one computer and it nearly immediately changes on all computers. You can see this on the PC version of the software which has a little green check on the file or folder icon. It is grey until it is uploaded to the servers, then turns green once the sync is complete. The image below shows the SugarSync File Manager after setting up the sync folders between multiple computers.

SugarSync between multiple=

Now that my files are in the online storage I can get access to them from the iPad. In the next picture you can see all the computers that have files on the SugarSync Cloud Servers.

SugarSync Main iPad View

SugarSync Main iPad View

Clicking on Mclinger-d630 I see all the folders that I have sync’d to the Cloud and under those are the files.

SugarSync iPad File View

There is an arrow to the right of the file listing which brings you to the following screen.

SugarSync iPad Folder View

SugarSync iPad Folder Detail View

This gives you a profile of the file and allows you to do three things to the file. Send File sends a link to the file to the person you put in the e-mail address. When they click on the link they are able to download the file and only that file. You receive an email message once they have downloaded the file. You can also share folders with and without password access. I have used yousendit.com for this, but this is much more convenient. I can send it right from where it is without uploading it to another server and I get email confirmation without paying extra. Goodbye yousendit.com!

Another great feature is the “Edit with WebSync”.