Over the last few months I decided to give Mozilla Thunderbird for the Mac a try. I was really excited when the interface on MacMail changed with Lion. It was cool, it was like the iPad, I liked it. However after using it to manage my 5 separate email accounts for the last 5 months I have found it a bit lacking. It is hard to really describe the reason, it is more of a felling. It is a feeling that I get from many of the Mac products, not so great for massive amounts of data/contacts/email.

For example take a look at iCloud’s dealing with files. I don’t want all my files in one flat directory. I have too many, it is hard to find the right file when you have 50 of them to scroll through on your iPad or any other device.

I don’t like the direction Apple seems to be taking of no files systems, no directories. Maybe Apple has some new way to manage email and information in store for us that will solve everything, be totally obvious once we see it, but totally allusive until it is revealed.

I will cover the details of the conversion in future posts.