iPad Day 1 – Outlook Data Integration & Toodledo

The iPad Arrives

I worked from home on April 30th to make sure someone (ok….me) was there to receive the iPad. It arrived at 11:15 am and I had to leave it in the box for the next 45 mins while I finished up some work items. Was that really the reason for the delay in opening it or was I afraid I would be disappointed. After all the hype and waiting 6 weeks since placing an order for it to arrive, would I open it and think “is that all it is – a big iPod?” Remember I wanted Mac OS on it, at least before I received it I did.

At noon I activated the iPad and ran a sync that downloaded all of my existing iPhone applications. Ran the update all applications from the app store, which not only updated the iPhone versions of the apps, it also upgraded the apps to the iPad version when available. Wow, what a difference seeing them in full screen. Even the doubling of iPhone format apps made a big difference in usability.

The second wow factor is the speed. The Web browser is very fast. Speedtest revealed my iPad was getting 6.8Mbps over […]