Tegelberg Luge Ride in Germany

A short distance from our hotel I talked about in the post “Private European Tour for 20 Dollars” is Rick Steves recommended Tegelberg Luge. In the shadow of Neuschwanstein Castle, the Tegelberg luge is one of those rides that you see in a non-US country that you find it hard to believe exists because of the potential danger to life and limb they pose. As you can see from the video below, if you don’t use the brakes, you can pick up a lot of speed. Although you won’t fly out of the tracks, you could ram into the person in front of you who doesn’t have the same “need for speed” as you do.

You slide up the bank more as you pick up speed going down the hill, which adds to the excitement of the ride. Since there is no one at the top telling you when you can go, I recommend waiting some time for the person in front of you to get through the ride otherwise you may catch up to them. The track down the hill is nearly a kilometer long, and each run is pretty fast. […]