At 5:35pm tonight my phone rang with the area code of 408, Silicon Valley. Hum could it be mom? I don’t have any customers in that area code. I was still in my office in Santa Cruz, CA trying to figure out if I could track who downloaded a file using Yousendit’s Outlook plug-in. I created an e-mail in Outlook and attached the file I wanted to send. When I click send, the plug-in uploads the attachment to the Yousendit site and replaces the attachment with a note that contains a link to download the file. Nice when you are sending a 10Mb file to 100 people. I could not figure out how to track the downloads of the file and make sure it was sent securely when using the plug-in. Sure, this can be done on-line for $8.99 if I wanted to type in the 100 contacts into a Web interface.

At 5:21pm I sent an e-mail with two questions, how to upload 100 contacts into the Web interface or how to do tracking from the Outlook plug-in. I figure I will hear back by e-mail in a day or two, particularly since I have a free account.

I better answer this call. Pleasantly surprised I found out it was Michael from Yousendit calling to answer my question. Wow, I never expected a call back. He understood what I was trying to do and explained several ways I could do what I needed. He didn’t know if I had a free account or a pay account. Just saw the question come in and called to make sure he could clear up my issue.

Now That’s Service!

Note: The answer is sign up for a Business Plus account that automatically tracks downloads when using the Outlook Plug-in. I did with a 14-day free trial!