SugarSync: Essential iPad Business App

I recently wrote an article which described how I picked SugarSync as my primary application for sharing data and cloud storage of my files. In this article, I will cover more about SugarSync and how I implemented the online storage program to not only create a great way to get files on my iPad when I am traveling but to also create a way to sync files between my work computer and home computer. Oh ya, I can also use it to read PDF and many other file formats.

First a little about my computing environment. I have a Dell PC Laptop for work. Two weeks after I received my iPad 3G I chained the PC Laptop to my desk at work and it hasn’t been moved since. At home, I have a Mac Pro which also has Windows XP running on VMware. I have 4 computing platforms and want to get access to my information when I am in front of one of the four.

A Cloud Storage service like SugarSync solves this problem as […]