iPad Tip: iOS Calendar Time Zone Support

This problem has been described to me as “Time Shift” by X number of hours, where X turns out to be equal to the time zone difference between the purchaser of the iPad and Cupertino. This article clarifies the configuration option,  iOS calendar time zone support. It has also been described as “my events don’t change to my new time zone when I am traveling.” I first noticed it when I left my home time zone, which happens to be the same as Cupertino, where Apple’s HQ is. All my meetings where still in my home time zone, not the time zone I had traveled to.

This time shift is caused by an option in the iOS calendar settings call “Time Zone Support.” When I saw this option I assumed it should be on. Who wouldn’t want time zone support when changing time zones? However, instead of making sure my calendar adjusts my events to the new time zone, it keeps them in my defined home time zone defined for calendars.

To change it go to Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Time Zone Support (down at the bottom) you can turn the Time Zone Support feature on and off. Off means the calendar events will […]