iPad Toodledo Task Management, Calendar, and Mail Part 2

In an earlier post, I wrote about my integration of Toodledo task management with my Outlook tasks. I have never been comfortable going to a pure Web-based task management system due to the amount of time I spend traveling, which equates to time not connected to the Internet. Flights are a good time to reflect on tasks and reorganize. The number of planes with WiFi or cellular data is still very low, so having an online only task management system can be limiting. However, the iPad Toodledo task management app solved this problem.

In fact, the Web-based task management tool in conjunction with the iPad app are so well done that I have stopped using Outlook Tasks altogether. When I am in the office I have Toodledo on the iPad open to view and take notes on tasks.

I have wanted to eliminate my addiction to Outlook for some time. Tasks have always been the key limiting factor. Now that Outlook Tasks has been replaced, I am one step closer to leaving Outlook.
When I first setup the iPad I configured only one calendar, Exchange. I read on the Apple support […]