X-RAID: The Borg of Network Attached Storage

by Marke Clinger

This weekend I did the unimaginable. I purposefully pulled out, one by one, every drive in my Netgear ReadyNAS RAID while it was running. I am pretty familiar with RAID technology because of the work I did in the late ’80s with several pioneering companies working on early RAID and network attached storage (NAS) implementations. Even with this knowledge I was apprehensive about removing anyone of the hard drives in my NAS RAID Array, it was outright frightening to pull all of them out and expect the data not to get lost.

The Netgear ReadyNAS  is a fantastic solution which serves several purposes for me:

1) Network Attached Storage – Connects to the Gigabit network in my house.
2) RAID Array – Disks are redundant therefore I don’t have to worry about […]


Now That’s Service! – Yousendit Callback in 9 minutes

At 5:35pm tonight my phone rang with the area code of 408, Silicon Valley. Hum could it be mom? I don’t have any customers in that area code. I was still in my office in Santa Cruz, CA trying to figure out if I could track who downloaded a file using Yousendit’s Outlook plug-in. I created an e-mail in Outlook and attached the file I wanted to send. When I click send, the plug-in uploads the attachment to the Yousendit site and replaces the attachment with a note that contains a link to download the file. Nice when you are sending a 10Mb file to 100 people. I could not figure out how to track the downloads of the file and make sure it was sent securely when using the plug-in. Sure, this can be done on-line for $8.99 if I wanted to type in the 100 contacts into a Web interface.

At 5:21pm I sent an e-mail with two questions, how to upload 100 contacts into the Web interface or how to do tracking from the Outlook plug-in. I figure I will hear back by e-mail in a day or two, particularly since I have a free account.

I better […]

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Personal Universe – Netvibes Ginger

My position as a sales professional keeps me very busy and on the road. Keeping up on the news and events on the Internet is important not only for my profession, but also for my hobbies. Netvibes has been my feed reader of choice for the last couple of years due to its ability to maximize the quantity of information I can digest in the limited amount of time I have available. However, due to some missing features, I was on the verge of switching to Google Reader, until last week.

Netvibes Ginger Release has leapfrogged all of the Google Reader features that were tempting me to switch feed readers.

The most important requirement I have for a feed reader is the ability to see as many feeds as possible on a single page. This helps me make my way through the 450 feeds I monitor in a minimum amount of time. Netvibes displays 9 feeds of 7 items each on a single page while Reader displays only 5 with 3 items each. A mouse over the entry title gives me an AJAX pop up summary of the entry. My busy life doesn’t allow for much time […]

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