iPad Toodledo Task Management, Calendar, and Mail Part 2

In an earlier post, I wrote about my integration of Toodledo task management with my Outlook tasks. I have never been comfortable going to a pure Web-based task management system due to the amount of time I spend traveling, which equates to time not connected to the Internet. Flights are a good time to reflect on tasks and reorganize. The number of planes with WiFi or cellular data is still very low, so having an online only task management system can be limiting. However, the iPad Toodledo task management app solved this problem.

In fact, the Web-based task management tool in conjunction with the iPad app are so well done that I have stopped using Outlook Tasks altogether. When I am in the office I have Toodledo on the iPad open to view and take notes on tasks.

I have wanted to eliminate my addiction to Outlook for some time. Tasks have always been the key limiting factor. Now that Outlook Tasks has been replaced, I am one step closer to leaving Outlook.
When I first setup the iPad I configured only one calendar, Exchange. I read on the Apple support […]

iPad Day 1 – Outlook Data Integration & Toodledo

The iPad Arrives

I worked from home on April 30th to make sure someone (ok….me) was there to receive the iPad. It arrived at 11:15 am and I had to leave it in the box for the next 45 mins while I finished up some work items. Was that really the reason for the delay in opening it or was I afraid I would be disappointed. After all the hype and waiting 6 weeks since placing an order for it to arrive, would I open it and think “is that all it is – a big iPod?” Remember I wanted Mac OS on it, at least before I received it I did.

At noon I activated the iPad and ran a sync that downloaded all of my existing iPhone applications. Ran the update all applications from the app store, which not only updated the iPhone versions of the apps, it also upgraded the apps to the iPad version when available. Wow, what a difference seeing them in full screen. Even the doubling of iPhone format apps made a big difference in usability.

The second wow factor is the speed. The Web browser is very fast. Speedtest revealed my iPad was getting 6.8Mbps over […]

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iPad Day 1 – Access to Files While On the Go

For the iPad to become my primary travel business device i must be able to access my files. I purchased the 64G version of the iPad to make sure I had enough storage for everything on my laptop, however getting the files on to the iPad was a bit of a trick. Sure there are several ways to make this happen but which one would solve the problem in the way I wanted it to work.

What I want is the ability to automatically sync files to the iPad from my desktop Mac and laptop PC. If a file is changed on any one of the three platforms (Mac, PC or iPad), the file is change on the other two platforms, automatically.

I downloaded Goodreader and PDF Reader Pro first. These both allow you to download files when you are tethered to a computer, but only as files. That is, you can’t tell it to load an entire directory. This isn’t going to work for me. They also allow you to connect to the iPad over your wireless network, mounting it like a network drive. This will allow you to copy entire directories. I tried three or four more of these types […]

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RSS Feed Location Change

Since I have been unable to get a response from Google to reclaim my feed after their purchase of feedburner, I have changed the RSS Feed for my blog. Please resubscribe.


iPad Day 0 – iPad for Business?

I ordered an iPad the first weekend they were available for pre-order. Due to my heavy travel schedule I opted for the 64G 3G version, meaning I had a six-week wait for the iPad to show up. Originally I thought I would use the iPad as a super kindle. That is, a kindle with web browsing, e-mail, magazines, and books via Apple’s new bookstore. Of course I also planned to watch movies and TV on it.

For sometime now I have been thinking of converting from a PC for work to a MacBook Pro. I have used Apple products at home since the first time I used an Mac SE in the early 80’s. It was the first “portable” computer I used (I actually brought this 17 lb beast with me as carry-on luggage on many flights). I installed Vmware last year on my Mac Pro to try out all the critical PC only applications I use on a daily basis. Late last year I started looking at which version of the MacBook Pro to buy. The plan was to convert to the Mac in Feb 2010. That stalled when it became clear Apple would indeed release a tablet […]

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