United’s iPhone App – How to Change Your Flight for Free

All airlines need to model their mobile app after United’s iPhone App and offer to change your flight for free1. When you need a United Airlines flight change, there is no better way than to use United’s Mobile App. It is one of the most useful travel tools I have…when I am flying on United that is. Recently I have used British AirwaysAmerican AirlinesSouthwest Airlines, US Airways, and Delta’s iPhone Apps. None of these Airline’s iPhone apps are as full-featured and easy to use as the United App. United Airlines Flight Change

The absolute best feature of the United iPhone App is the ability to change your flight for free!1 The day of your flight United’s App gives you the options for changing your flight right on the app.united-airlines-iphone-app-reservation-3 It isn’t easy to find this menu item; it is like United App developers are trying to hide it from you, but once you find it, you will see what flights are free to switch to and which cost money. Easily changing […]

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Adding an SSD to a MacBook Pro for a Remarkable Speed Increase

After months of my wife’s complaints about her 5-year-old  15″ MacBook Pro 3,1 hanging during normal operations, I upgraded the hard drive to an OWC 240GB Mercury Electra 2.5″ 3G SSD and saw an amazing performance increase. I highly recommend adding an SSD to a MacBook Pro or MacBook to regain performance, extending the life of your computer. Please comment if you add an SSD to a MacBook Pro and let us all know your experience.

OWC Mercury Electra 3G SSD for Macbook Pro OWC Mercury Electra 3G SSD for Macbook Pro

Prior to the upgrade, the spinning rainbow interrupted just about everything she tried to do, including web browsing and e-mail. My wife uses her computer primarily for web browsing, email, iPhoto, Photoshop, and her web site design company, Plain&Simple Web Design, These aren’t particularly CPU intensive applications and still the MacBook Pro […]

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Converted from MacMail to Thunderbird

Over the last few months I decided to give Mozilla Thunderbird for the Mac a try. I was really excited when the interface on MacMail changed with Lion. It was cool, it was like the iPad, I liked it. However after using it to manage my 5 separate email accounts for the last 5 months I have found it a bit lacking. It is hard to really describe the reason, it is more of a felling. It is a feeling that I get from many of the Mac products, not so great for massive amounts of data/contacts/email.

For example take a look at iCloud’s dealing with files. I don’t want all my files in one flat directory. I have too many, it is hard to find the right file when you have 50 of them to scroll through on your iPad or any other device.

I don’t like the direction Apple seems to be taking of no files systems, no directories. Maybe Apple has some new way to manage email and information in store for us that will solve everything, be totally obvious once we see it, but totally allusive until it is revealed.

I will cover the details […]

Top 10 Best iPad Business Applications updated his Top 10 Best iPad Apps a while back. My list is significantly different, probably because my job is quite different, so I thought I would publish my list. These apps, except numbers 6 and 10, I feel pretty passionate about. That is, I like to use them and without them, I wouldn’t be using my iPad for business.

The apps are listed in order of importance.

1) GoodReader – As I mentioned in my post on GoodReader, this is more than just a reading application. It is a file system for the iPad. More details in the post Goodreader Essential Application for Business Use of iPad.

2) Sugarsync – Automatically all my work files from my laptop are sync’d to a cloud server and available from the iPad. More details on my previous post, Sugarsync Essential iPad Business APP.

3) Toodledo – My personal and business task management application.

4) Evernote – Great for taking notes just […]

iPad International Plan Uses US Minutes First

It is always a hard decision when traveling internationally on how much bandwidth to buy on the iPad international plan. It is very costly at a dollar or more per megabyte. However, for now at least, buy the smallest plan and use as much as your US plan will allow. I have the AT&T iPad unlimited plan and therefore for an extra $24.99 per month I can get unlimited international minutes!

I am not sure if this is true for any other country except for Canada. However, I have verified it on my two trips and have heard from another person that he experienced the same behavior.

In May I tried to connect to the cellular network in Canada without buying an international plan. That did not work. While at a hotspot in Yellowknife I signed up for the 20MB plan. At the time I had the 200MB US plan. While I was in Canada, I watched my US data plan continue to decrease in available bandwidth while the International plan stayed at 20MBs. Once my US plan was depleted the international plan started ticking down. When I returned to the US I had to replenish my US data plan even though […]