Colossium, Rome, Italy

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Blue Marlin Cafe, Genova Italy

Sheep Farm, Scottish Highlands

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Cemetery, Narita, Japan

Crater Lake

Crater Lake, California USA

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Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

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Valley of the Nobles, Egypt

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Ernie's Car, Lovelock Nevada

Houseboat on Seine, Paris France

House Boat on Seine, Paris France

Paris Metropolitain

Paris, France

A Digital Nomad

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Welcome to A Digital Nomad

You have stumbled upon the Digital Nomad blog. This site has two purposes, a Technology Blog and a Travel Blog. It about when Tech and Travel cross as well as when they don’t. I travel a fair amount for work and fun and use Mac products extensively while doing so. This blog is about the places I travel to and the technology I use along the way. The iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air and Mac Pro are my tools. It is also about technology in general as well as some fun places and things we have done while traveling over the last 20 years.

Travel Blog

Technology Blog

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